What I’m writing now:

I’m working on Movie Cliff Book 5

New Series- Movie Cliff:

This is a new series of books where I watch trailers for upcoming films and write a short story based on what is shown of the film in the preview. I write stupid shit of what I think will occur, and basically, just fuck up the whole Hollywood movie recipe in a new way that would never be shown in theaters because it isn’t the status quo.

New Releases 

(May 2018 to Present)

-We got Single Shooters, CLAK!

– Welcome to the Drive-In Double Finger BANG, BABY! YEAH!

-Round Three (FIGHT!) Triple Punch, WHAM! BAM! POW! Yee-ah, BUDDY!

-It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to Anthologies


The Final Countdown Author’s Full Tour

Two Years Long Time Two Years BANG BANG, Kindle ebook by Bridget Chase

New Prints available @ Saatchiart


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