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Not Amanda

A Splatter Punk Novel. Originally this book was published under my given name. The contents of the novel remain the same.
Reader Beware
An anxiety filled roller coaster that pulls no punches and never backs off, leaving you covering your eyes and cowering in the corner with each new event more terrifying than the last.
A group of teens with a bright idea for fun didn’t expect that a late night exploration would bring death and disaster to their lives. For when you find hell and there is no way out. You have to keep going.

Frank Made Lunch

What does a Cannibal do for Halloween?
This horror novel was previously published under my given name. The content of the novel remains the same.
“A twisting tail, that leads the rabbits to their slaughter” – Wet Clown-
A seriously fun Splatter Punk novel
Blood lust builds in Frank’s heart. His stomach begs for human flesh. On the days leading up to Halloween, Frank’s already questionable sanity, deteriorates. He spends his nights working at the local haunted house called Terror Mansion. This only serves, to aggravate his fragile sanity, and fuel his murderous behavior. The question is not whether Frank will kill and eat, but how many will be killed before he is stopped. 
Laura is a college student, and works at a local hamburger shop. A new relationship, leads to conflict with an unwanted admirer. She thought he was the worst there was, until Frank gave her free tickets to Terror Mansion, for her and her friends. This is a Halloween, the city will never forget. This is the Halloween, of Frank’s ascension.

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