I have written 3 horror novels. They are available in both Kindle format and paperback.

I also have a Horror novella ‘Emma Unleashes Hell’.

Kindle and Paperback

Emma Unleashes Hell (5)


And don’t forget to read ‘Wax Asylum’. It is a short story but I pack some intense chills, torture, and gore in those fifty pages.

Wax Asylum


See reviews for Not Amanda, Frank Made Lunch, Dr. Gore’s Cannibal Circus and Emma Unleashes Hell on my Book Review Page.


These novels clean your teeth with a sledgehammer.

– Wanton’s Wish-

A gore and sex sandwich, served with a cold pitcher of embalming fluid.

-Night Patrol-

It takes a shovel to the back of your head and jumps rope with your guts.

-Dr. Gore-

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