Zombie Thriller, book by Bridget Chase, available for Kindle e-book at Amazon

5,583 words/ 34 pages
Depression steals Rob Zombie’s mind. At the age of sixty he has nothing to live for. His wife Sheri Zombie died ten years ago. His music has become a stabbing shard pulled from a broken frame which house the memories of his lost love. All he wants, is to see her again. Tonight Rob has a concert to play. Unknown to everyone else, he plans for it will be his last.
This story is set to the music of Abba. You may read and ignore the small notations, or indulge in a more immersive experience and listen to the designated songs (on YouTube) as you read. It is a finely crafted story either way. With a pop culture confection, blending Rob Zombie, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Zombies, blood, music, sex, and gore; it is sure to please fans of horror, action, and all lovers of overall fun.
*Contains adult content


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