1983, Kindle E-book by Bridget Chase available to read at Amazon

5,827 words/ 30 pages
Sylvester Stallone finds himself burdened by the task of writing the screenplay, ‘Stayin’ Alive’. A dark figure appears that claims to be able to help him create a masterpiece. Sly questions his sanity, but something larger seems to be invested in the future of the movie.
John Travolta, while waiting for the script to be finished, becomes infatuated with a women from his dreams. Every night while he sleeps, he sees her at a train station, but is unable to get close to her. During the day, to combat the growing heart ache, John loses himself to the pleasures of a Virtual Reality world.
Yvonne Strahovski works as an actress. ‘Neural Recorder’s have left her feeling empty in her work. Worse off, she nightly dreams about a man at a train station that she can never quite reach.
‘Stayin’ Alive’ premiered at American Theaters in 1983, but the real story behind its creation is ‘one’ hidden in the Hollywood shadows.


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