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Pick your flavor; they’re all served dirty…

Hey, Swamp Bitch!

22 pages- 3,376 words
Jeanna wakes up in the swamp with no explanation as to how she got there. She searches for a main road and safety. Unfortunately, there are many other characters occupying the swamp land, and ain’t a one of ’em be very nice.
*Adult content* -Lots of talking about tits and ass, also gross stuff like steaming guts & infected pu$$-ez.

Black Cat White G String

2,674 words/ 16 page short story
After her shift dancing, Rhianna counted her tips in the back of the club. Stuck in with the bills was a coupon. Normally strippers ‘spit’ at the disrespectful gesture of giving coupons instead of cash. However, this one was different. It read that she may get one ‘G’ string from the adult store ‘Hot Magic’ for free. The store clerk gives Rhianna a bizarre warning. This stripper and her hot ti’T’z are about to find out what happens when you step into a ‘G’ string that is ‘more’ than just ordinary butt floss.
*Adult Content*

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