Clooney of the Universe

-Clooney of the Universe-

Neil Smith- Review from reader at Smashwords- See original Review

It’s celeb fantasy bubblegum, with that minty freshness of audacious prose, the wrapper stamped full-faced advertising, “coming with ‘WHOOSH’ effect image.” Its sweetness is an awesome taste. It’s everything you wanted to read when you want to lose yourself in something cool.

For the author, “A bullet tore right past Clooney’s face. He barley dodged.” should probably be “A bullet tore right past Clooney’s face. He barely dodged.” and “Clooney looked too all the soaked men.” to be changed to “Clooney looked to all the soaked men.” I find myself becoming a stickler for grammar on Smashwords, it just pulls me out of the story when I see an error, and I don’t want that to let you get you down. You’re a great writer. Keep going.

For everyone else, what are you waiting on? It’s a fantastic niche story to waste some seconds of your life on.

-Clooney of the Universe- Free at Smashwords, or $1.00 for Amazon Kindle


-Not Amanda-

Kathy- Review from Amazon- See original Review

Wow!Just wow!
Not Amanda was not what I expected!It was better! This book follows a group of teenagers that decide to check out an haunted hospital. But everything goes wrong as soon they step foot into the building. Its nasty, its Grusome, Its the unthinkable! GRAB IT,Read it! You wont put it down!!!

Laura Hernandez- Review from Amazon (When it was published under Shawn Seward) See original Review

I simply cannot get enough of this author’s dark and deviant mind. This one is full of scares, desires and unadulterated lust. Goosebumps crawled up and down my entire body and I was not prepared for the deliciously wicked twists and turns. Journey into another outstanding read from Shawn Seward and if you must…. then just ignore those bumps in the night!!

My only con with this book is that it needs some editing. However, it did not deter me from the rating I have given it.

Anonymous Amazon Customer Review- (When book was published under Shawn Seward) See original Review

Loved it! Thrillers are my go to preferences when I choose a book to read. Cant wait for the author to write more of them.

Frank Made Lunch

-Frank Made Lunch-

Laura Hernandez- Review from Amazon (When it was published under Shawn Seward) –See original Review

This is definitely not a read for people who have a delicate stomach or are repulsed by graphic and descriptive reads.

I myself loved the fact that this book really turned my stomach and the horrific story line blew away all rational thinking. This author found the darkest recesses of his mind and invited us in for an exclusive look.

My only con with Frank Made Lunch is that it is in need of editing but even that didn’t stop me from giving it the rating that I felt it deserved.

This is the BEST horror book I’ve read this year and trust me…… you WANT to read this. I HIGHLY recommend you read this book and would love this made into a movie. I’ll end this review by saying that Frank will remain inside my mind for many years to come.


– Dr. Gore’s Cannibal Circus-

Laura Hernandez- Review from Amazon (When it was published under Shawn Seward) –See original Review

This author continues to push the boundaries of our sanity and completely pushes us over the edge. Your mind is completely and utterly fragmented by the time you reach the end of this book. This sadistic tale has us visiting the circus but trust me this is not a wholesome Barnum and Bailey type of place. The story line is fast paced and encases you in its madness. The characters are well developed and all of them have their own agendas. The world building will have you feeling like you have fallen down a twisted and demonic rabbit hole.

This is another book that is not for those with weak stomachs. Could use some editing but at times some of those issues actually added to the story. I will continue to read the author’s books as quickly as he can pump them out.

Emma Unleashes Hell (5)

-Emma Unleashes Hell-

Laura Hernandez- Review from Amazon (When book was published under Shawn Seward) See original Review

Until now, I’ve never experienced any difficulty in writing a review for any of Mr. Seward’s books as his reads are diabolically wicked so I easily found the right words to say. However, this time around the words that come to mind won’t be allowed for use on Amazon.

I was pulled into a mind altering cluster puck that delighted and tantalized my senses as the author’s tale of evil and sexual depravity took me for a ride into the very bowels of Hell. All the characters in this read cross paths at one point or another which adds to the already well written plot. As I read through this I kept thinking of that saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The author mind pucked me and he didn’t even use lubrication but I did not mind as I loved every single moment of it. I continue to look forward to more of this author’s books.

American Flash Fiction by author Bridget Chase

-American Flash Fiction-

YF- Review from Amazon- See original Review

My impression of this type of storytelling? Kooky, Brilliant, Different. Between the boom box dance battle, a badass caterpillar, the man who traveled through time, and live-in robot boyfriends – a fun read.

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