Black Bird Mountain by Bridget Chase

6,285 words/ 35 pages
Black Bird Mountain, a retreat from the pressures of society for most, but for these hiking celebrities, their lives, like always, are pure fiction. Following Neil Degrasse Tyson’s interview with Katy Perry on the podcast ‘StarTalk’, the two embark on a weekend retreat to continue their conversation. Neil doesn’t give two sh#$s about nature, or good conversation. Black Bird Mountain is a place for him to pound-sweet-a$$. Katy’s pop-star-body will be one for the scrapbooks.
Elon Musk and Amber Heard also begin a hike. The two just need sometime away from the day-to-day stresses of life. Little do they know, a not-so-well Johnny Depp is creeping around the forest watching. His fragmented mind wants Amber back. This weekend hike becomes just the place to create an ‘accident’ that will get her back in his life. With the help of a book written by Lucifer, dark minions will assist in the dirty work.
Tania Raymonde along with an indie director, Gary, are canvasing Black Bird Mountain for the right locations to shoot a movie. This action director has more in mind than just shooting a movie.
-Action, mutants, sex, comedy, and jokes about Johnny Depp’s decline- Join in this pop-culture-parade and see Katy’s bouncing ti’ts’ hugged in thin fabric, and find out if Neil gets a chance to slip his king-of-TED-Talk di’CK’ into that popstar-pink-perfection. If you are looking for infected mutant flesh, exploding dark matter, and violence, look no further.


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