Bridget Chase:

Writer, odd-ball, weirdo, digital artist. “Everything seems funny, yet no one is having any fun.” Bridget is the artist behind the book covers.

Did you know that Yvonne Strahovski got married this year? Some dreams die a hard death…

Dear Lord, the weight of words are too heavy to possibly float upon the grace of light, which dawns- glimmers of the eternal in her eyes, therefore, captivating men as does the sun to the land. Blue flint struck harshly, sparks secrets- gripped in her gaze. Soft contours become your freedom, where by mercy you may die upon her lips.

-Musing: Yvonne Strahovski- Bridget Chase 2017-

Mr. Duck:

Artist, Everyone, elusive. “I think everything is art. A black eye, discarded condom, Mona Lisa, hahahaha.”

The Full Team


Link to Shawn’s forgotten FB art page.

Here are a few pics of my old art car. It’s now gone and will be missed 🙂 I never got if completely finished 😦

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For shits, I’ll leave you with two old paintings of Shawn’s.