Author, Artist, Pseudonym

Bridget Chase is an American author. He was born in Houston Texas; studied art at the University of Texas San Antonio (bore) where he received his Bachelor of Fine Art. He was a school teacher for many years, but left because it sucked ass. Bridget currently resides in Boulder Colorado where he has an art studio and works everyday writing new stories and eating pizza.

Favorite visual artist: Stanely Whitney

Favorite movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Big, Weird Science, The Burbs

Favorite TV shows: Chuck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, East Bound and Down, My Name is Earl, The Office, Lost, Jean Claude Van Johnson, Angie Tribeca, The Tick (old and new versions)

Favorite bands: Rock-afire Explosion, but mainly I listen to Synthwave on YouTube while I write.

Favorite books:The Morning River, Coyote Summer, Dances with Wolves, Night in the Lonesome October, Sphere

Favorite writers: Richard Laymon, Michael Gear, Charlie Kaufman (screen writer)

Favorite games: Contra (NES), Prince of Persia series, Metal Gear series, Last of Us, Mass Effect 3, Skate 3

Favorite gaming platform: NES, Super NES, PS4, Pinball Machines

Other Hobbies: Powerlifting, Strongman

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