Bridget Chase:

Just a guy that writes weird stuff…

Writer, digital artist, Pseudonym, creator of ‘Celebrity Sparkle Trash’ book covers

Celebrity Sparkle Trash: The look is a mix between the laser light shows of the 70’s and the nostalgia of ‘The Never Ending Story’. Imagine a future society which has rediscovered the joys of VHS culture.

Dear Lord, the weight of words are too heavy to possibly float upon the grace of light, which dawn- glimmers of the eternal- in her eyes; therefore, captivating men, as the sun, to the land. Blue flint struck harshly, sparks secrets. Gripped in her gaze. Soft contours become your freedom, where by mercy, you may die upon her lips.

-Musing about Yvonne Strahovski by Bridget Chase 2017-


Mr. Duck: My Artistic Muse



Master musician with no skills. I make retro 8-bit video game music. Well, at least that is what I am aim for.

 Beeble’s Music free to listen @soundcloud

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