Bridget Chase was a tough, intelligent police detective in the 1930’s till early 40’s. His career was one wrought with murders, poisons, secret doors, Chinamen, twin siblings, and slightly dim witted sidekicks. Mr. Chase’s body was discovered frozen along the snowy banks of eastern Pennsylvania on December 9th 1943. He died while on a case chasing a fugitive charged with extortion.

Bridget Chase was an avid writer in his off hours and he wrote many novels along with short stories across a variety of genres. His writings went unknown for nearly seventy years and changed hands many times until reaching a online indie magazine publication, Yellow Hat Dick, in 2013,.

Yellow Hat Dick magazine began to publish Bridget Chase’s short stories on their website. Following positive reception and a growing interest in Mr. Chase’s weird sensibilities, bizarre story lines, and misogynistic over tones, Yellow Hat Dick magazine gained legal control over Bridget’s writing. In 2015 they began to publish his works under the publishing company Chase Entertainment.

Bridget’s Dream Team

(As described in his personal journal)