The Devil is my Daddy


Has an Angel Possession got you down?

Hire LorDS oF DesceNsiON to rid your loved one of the burden of being possessed by love and peace. If you are unsure of an AngEl possession, look for unusual behaviors such as happiness, optimism, consideration to others, belief in humanity, and good will toward all.

Get your loved one back to their normal life and routine, living like the rest of us here in Hell.

It is important to never forget your damnation and to never strive for peace or love. Our great Lord ‘Blue Lucifer’ wants only the most terrible of mental states and living conditions for all his beloved children. Don’t let your loved ones escape torment, even for a moment.

Live the agonies of Hell as a family.

Call LorDS oF DesceNsiON TODAY!

We are also selling franchises to Fire and Ice Cream. Contact us right away to hear about the booming business of cold dessert and the amazing profit margins being produced by the unquenchable desire for cold treats in Hell.



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