Tired of Being Yourself?


Hate yourself? Love others?

Your days of being you are over. Come to skIN HERmits and leave your old body behind.

We provide you the opportunity to switch lives and bodies with other people. When you sign up with us, we will match ‘you’ to a body and lifestyle most closely fitted to your specified desires. The body you leave will go into our store room as possible dwelling for new clients. The process is painless and you will be off, living a new life immediately!

You may be wondering more about the extraction and delivery process. Though much of the technology is property of Blue Lucifer Tech, we can tell you that the key to this process is your belly button.

Yes! your belly button. Who would have thought such a small and insignificant thing was the tethering point of your soul:) You will be happy to know, that you may change bodies many times throughout your life. All you have to do, is complete ‘assignments’ for us which will earn you redeemable points towards new and exciting bodies. Come see us Today!

                                                      Blue Lucifer

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