How thin is happiness?

Are tree branches happy being thin? I bet they are. But, then all the leaves would be sad; they are flat, not thin. Fingers must be much happier than toes? My toes are short and stumpy.

But, maybe, happiness isn’t thin, I bet it is about weight. Yes, then those toes and leaves can be just as happy as their counterparts. If ‘heavy’ were sadness, the greatest share would be left for the earth and all the heavenly bodies to bear.

If I lose weight, will happiness be more ready to find me? I bet I am just too ‘big’ to be as happy as I could be. Weight, you unkind bastard, keeping all that happiness away. Shame on you too gravity, for the sadness you bring to people. Your power steals all the happiness out of lives, we would be better off without you.

Oh happiness, for you, I will remove my legs. Yes, that is half my weight right there. While I am at it, I shall gain 3 lbs worth of happiness by removing my brain. Oh, what happiness might I find then?



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