Create Lust in Women

Are you looking for ways to create lust in women?

We here at GOLD SHAFT PLATING can make ALL your dreams come true!

At GOLD SHAFT PLATING we turn your ‘ordinary’ COCK into something amazing, by replacing your undesirable skin with GOLD! Nothing is more impressive to a woman, then seeing you drop your pants and be endowed with a GOLD SCEPTER. Have women lust and desire you wherever you go.

Come see us today and say good bye to primitive looking cocks and be a GOLDEN ROCK GOD.



GSP does not guarantee a change in frequency of sexual encounters. Women are complex individuals and gold plating does not necessarily ensure desire will be formed. Instances of sexual dysfunction have been recorded and studies have shown a decrease in pleasure. Caution must be taken, as decrease in pleasure has lead to increase in force of penetration by males with gold augmentation. GSP provides the clients with the feeling of power and importance, through alteration of physical appearance. Women make judgments over many criteria for a partner and GSP is not liable in instances of rejection or humiliation.



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