Make No Choices

Do you feel there are too many choices in life? Do you want ‘your life’ to be absolutely linear, with a direct clear path?

Then come see us at ENIM SI EFIL RUOY.

Where we specialize in tailoring your life into a direct unchangeable path. Our new Genetically Enhanced Unbiased Spiritualist Sect (GEUSS) will determine the best future for you and write out an extensive walk-through for your life, step by step, moment by moment.

All you have to do is follow the outline given to you.

Your life could be that easy!

Worried at night and can’t sleep? The spiritualist already ‘knew’ you wouldn’t be able to sleep and will direct you to certain pages of your Life Walk Through Manuel (LWTM). Upon reading, you will know how things work out. Best part is, that all of your thoughts will already be known and there is no possible way to deviate from the path.

Live in peace and come see us in our new offices at ENIM SI EFIL RUOY.

Chubby Bunny




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