Want the Perfect Life? Then Choose a Life of Control!

Have you ever wanted the attention of a special love interest? Or desire for all your friends to ‘really’ care about you? Do you want hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes on your posts?

VR GODS can help.

Here at VR Gods, we custom build a virtual environment from your desires. There, you will live out your life in total bliss. You may ask, “Is it safe to live an entire life in virtual reality?” Yes it is! With our trained staff and VR Hibernation Pods (VRHP) regulating your biological processes, while you live out a virtual life, is not a problem.

In your custom built world, you are in charge, and you can control everything. Even how people feel about you.

Wanted that date with the perfect guy, but he never noticed you in real life? With VR GODS you can date, marry, and have children with this man. You can make him worship you and give you the love you have always wanted. If you tire of him, you may use the Instant Option Generator (IOG) to erase the life you had with him and start a new one with someone else. Everything is under your control, your age, your appearance, how others see and respond to you, life situations and environments that you live in.

Be a VR GOD and stop living a life of chaos and choose a life of control. All your new VR Life Friends (VRLF) will thank you for it, We guarantee it!



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