Your Brain Doesn’t Have to be a Burden!

ADvertiseMENt for POpulA-cONtRoL

Is your life too EXCitINg? Think the people with boring lives have it made? At Popula-Control we offer the chance to turn your mind off, let go of your hopes and dreams, and live in total ignorance of the significance of living. Following a small local injection we can remove your pesky brain and replace it with an ultra sleek, cutting edge synthetic brain. Your new synthetic brain will lack the necessary receptors and neurotransmitters required to have emotions, thoughts, or desires larger than biology!

Make your life great again! Have the best day at work because you won’t know what happiness is, or know what care is. Live in total mindlessness. Once you have had our first procedure you will be a candidate for our many other life improving procedures, like our newest innovation, Torso Reduction! A lot of your body is wasted space, make your life better by compacting all essential organs into your lower body. You will feel lighter and more at ease immediately.



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