Want to know if you are an Artist?


ART is created by, and solely owned by, the UnITeDPOweRS OF heLIX SUppREssioN. You know someone making art? Call us and get a reward for turning them in. Art isn’t for the masses to make. Art is something that only the most distinguished and elite company can make. Don’t let the minds of your friends and families be spoiled by art made by a commoner. The world will become a terrible place if everyone were allow to make art. We cannot afford to let this behavior persist. We need your help in the abolishment of all art created outside of our authority. If you see art supplies, call the authorities immediately. See art on a wall or someone with a sketch pad? End their unlawful behavior!
At UnITeD POweRS OF heLIX SUppREssioN we ‘honor’ ART by refining and delivering it to you in a way that we know to be the most enjoyable and palatable. If our art influences you to our own desires, well, that is just a fortunate coincidence and was not planned by us at all. You don’t know art, WE DO! Stop the spread of individual ideas, and live a better tomorrow.
diSCLaIMEr: UniTEd pOWers oF hEliX SUpPResSion is not liable if tomorrow never comes, or if you choose to live a worse life by giving into your individual desires which have not been approved by the ‘stated company above’. The individual is responsible for any engagement with desires outside of the Formulated Corporate Statutes of Commercial Obedience (FCSCO).

3 thoughts on “Want to know if you are an Artist?

    1. HI, it might have been Mr. Universe. The image is a collage made by the pop artist Richard Hamilton in the 1950’s. The images were all cutouts from advertisements and newspapers. Thanks for giving my blogging nonsense a read:) And remember, do not make art, instead focus on graphing whether you’re using the correct toilet paper that affirms unity with your peers.


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