You Are an Idiot, Me too- Poetry SLAM!

POP n’ LOCK’in those Prison Cell doors-

Fat bellies lathered in gold candy wrappers, harvested from the prison bars of a child work force; their burning cries are the plagiarized notes used for a ‘Top Selling Pop Song’; piercing parodies play over the speakers of an asylum filled with bending bodies- twisted by the want of more, more, more! Whereby, they dance in forbidden motions ‘too taboo’ for God and Heaven; begging, “Let me in thy pearly gates,” opens- doth framing the Devil’s Dj- scratching like a cat against the backdoor; FREE- dumb down by clowns spoon feeding slop upon ‘our minds and souls’ “SUWEE! Come n’ get IT little piggies!” To birds of death, whom perched atop the ‘thin black veins’ that line the paved roads to nowhere; a letter opened once more- predators of imprisoned prey- stamp the postage, or it’ll be returned, two of a kind forever together- ¬†two days past someday.


4 thoughts on “You Are an Idiot, Me too- Poetry SLAM!

    1. Thanks, I will look into it. Guest writing? Hmm… Pass the turkey to the choir of forks and knives stabbing sanity across the table in the mind of those who bellies churn the Doritos for all the mice and men who rely on the zesty cheese to toil the earth for one more day and be a guest no longer…


    1. There was no presumptuousness there. I appreciated you letting me know about your contest. I’m just a weirdo wrapped in a cape of monthly checks that tell me of my worth. My pillow could use less tears…


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