Oh, watch out!

I’m kinda rearranging 🙂 Maybe start by watching my book trailer below.

Click around, some things are in limbo and changing.

free headbutts (1)

“HI-YA!,” Steven jump kicks through the door. “Steven here, join ‘me’ in my hero-stardom. I’ve got cool membership tokens (clink, clink, clink)… And manly glitter-hair-ties for those who will race with me through these fictional badlands. Don’t have a sweet ponytail? No problem, I have an online course to get you started towards a more manly future.”


“Checkout the trailer for the book that I star in, Home Alone Amityville.”


“AAAHHHH! Um, (cough) I think someone is calling me. Here, why don’t you watch it alone.” Steven runs away like a girl who just found a spider in her bed.